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TRADITIONAL REAL ESTATE – PURCHASE EXISTING HOME For most home buyers, the road to home ownership has gone down the road of purchasing an existing home from an individual Seller (who may or may not have lived in the home) or from a Builder who built with the intent of selling the home for as much profit as the market will bear. Aging and less than efficient homes with outdated designs and poor green footprints have forced home buyers to make 
a hard decision…buy an antiquated home and spend thousands to improve its features, or buy new and spend more than you desire to spend. This has left the prospective home buyer without enough options. LAND. BUILD. Live ... has a different innovative
approach… BIRTH OF LAND.BUILD.LIVE… - REAL ESTATE FROM THE GROUND UP Our approach complements the path that most traditional Real Estate Agents take. The LBL team will work with you to build property value in the location of your choice (Land) with the home of your choice (BUILD) to create the lifestyle of your choice (Live…). We bring all the pieces of the process together by working with Land Sellers, Builders, Lenders, and Home Buyers in a concerted effort to limit 
time and money thereby creating efficiency in the process. We manage all the details and expertly guide you through every step from • finding and purchasing the lot to • choosing a builder that fits your profile to
• safely financing the transactions to
• creating the lifestyle you desire to
• hopefully create equity above your down payment


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IN OUR REGION IS SCARCE Buyers, Sellers, and Builders know the first rule of Real 
Estate - Location, Location, Location! There is a shortage 
of developable property in the DC metro area, so new builds on in-fill lots are here to stay for many years to come. Additionally, building new on in-fill lots is not easy as challenges exist with the confines of lot lines, new zoning/setback regulations, RPAs, storm water management, builder model footprints, etc. The Builders that partner with LAND. BUILD. Live… 
focus on working individually with Buyers to align the right piece of property with the home the buyer desires. The LAND. BUILD. Live ... team prepares the buyer by giving them the information and tools before meeting with the builder to finalize a project. The result? Buyers win more frequently because they are armed with information that allows them to effectively negotiate a winning offer. This saves time and money for all involved.