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Whether you are an investor or building a home for yourself, there are a lot of working parts when you decide to build. 
At LAND. BUILD. Live… our team of professionals will assist you with each step to make the process as smooth 
as possible providing guidance with builders, architects, and engineering companies. Buyers are challenged with a lack of inventory that suits their taste or their desires, or they would love to design their own home with equity if possible, but they don’t know where to start. We help the buyer to identify, value, and purchase a lot. We educate the buyer on the planning, permit submission, lot preparation, and final construction phases of the project. We work with the buyer to evaluate and determine the costs involved in each phase. We have a rapid home model, design, and price process where we provide a detailed Cost Analysis and eventually a contract. We marry a cost efficient build model to a custom home project and give buyers an opportunity to buy their custom home at Wholesale prices!

For more information contact one of our Team Members.