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Discover our LAND. BUILD. Live… process where we take an additional step by marrying our team of builders with our land value maximization model to help you locate ready, willing, and able buyers. Sellers are challenged with a single lot or large tract of land that is hard to value. They want the highest & best use for maximum value and they want a reasonable time frame to close the sale and realize their value. Single Lot Owners
When you first thought of selling your home, you may not have imagined that the home you live in may have actually outlived its value. The National Association of Realtors has completed several studies highlighting the reality that a physical structure will eventually depreciate over time, 
while it is the land underneath the structure that continues 
to appreciate in value. You’ve seen new homes being built, perhaps in your neighborhood, that are designed to increase the value of the existing lot. For the owner of this property, the new construction added value to the land prior to any future sale. Our team at LAND. BUILD. Live... will work with you to determine the best strategy to achieve the highest value for you when selling. Large Parcel Owners
There are many events and circumstances where people come to buy and own land. Some inherit property while others buy land as an investment, or with the intention of building future homes on the site. Within the real estate profession, there are very few experts that specialize in 
land and infill sales much less bringing land owners, builders, financiers, and buyers together to the benefit of 
the seller. This is our focus! We have the experience, the
knowledge, and the skills required to help you evaluate and determine a selling strategy plan that will maximize the value of your land.



You have options! You can consider selling outright for a quick sale.  You can decide to build on your land yourself and realize any and all profits.  Or, you can share the wealth and risk and partner with a builder to develop your property (Joint Venture).  We will help you identify land/lot value from builder/developer perspective.  Is it a single lot or can it be subdivided?  We’ll provide you with options and sales strategies and expand your property’s presence on industry marketing channels.


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